Java is a very powerful universal language, but does not provide any commands for data processing. PL/SQL is focused on data processing like a laser beam. Bringing both technologies together will result in big benefits for the applications and application development.

Seamless Development

This product supports seamless development and runtime of Java and PL/SQL. Both languages are developed in the same integration development environment - Eclipse. No switch between different development tools is required on development.

Valid Thru Compile Time

The access code from Java to call the PL/SQL stored procedures is generated during the development process and validated on compile time. No long validation and generation on runtime like ORM mapping tools is needed any more.

Hiding The Internal Database Structure - PL/SQL Is The API

Java is calling the The PL/SQL stored procedure as a service function - remote procedure call - RPC. The internal database structure is not exposed to the outside. Changes of the internal database structure have much less effects to the Java program.

Low Code Strategy

In comparison to ORM frameworks designed applications like JPA/Hibernate or Spring Data about 75 % less code is required.

Better Organized Code

Developing the database code inside for data processing and developing the functional code in Java produces much better organized applications.

Better Performance

Even without any database optimizing development strategies the applications becomes faster, because only the required data is transmitted from the database and the number of database calls is reduced a lot.

By using more optimized performance strategies of the Oracle database allows you to receive performance to your application, you can never receive with ORM frameworks.

Combine Data Intensive Applications With Latest UI Technologies

Using Java on the application server allows you to combine the all the latest UI technologies for your application with data intensive operations.

Microservices - Prepare For Containerization And Cloud

The PL/SQL stored procedures are used as service and for that the generated code can directly used as a microservice without any additions development.

Direct development on cloud databases Oracle Autonomous Database ATP/ADW is supported.

Supported Database Versions

These Database Version are tested for development and runtime. The generation process uses the Oracle data dictionary. The Oracle data dictionary differs to from version to version. The generated code is always the same. So e.g. generated code from Oracle 12g works without any problems to the Oracle Autonomous ATP.

  • Oracle 11g and Oracle 11g R2
  • Oracle 12c and Oracle 12c R2
  • Oracle 18c
  • Oracle 19c
  • Oracle Autonomous Database ATP/ADW

No Migration Any More

The code generator produces base JDBC calls using the Oracle JDBC driver. The JDBC driver specification is stable since more than 10 years and will not change in the next decade. All generated code will run without any changes at least the next decade. So a migration e.g. from Hibernate release 4.0 to 5.0 is never required.

Very Comfortable PL/SQL Editor

The PL/SQL Editor inside the Eclipse IDE allows comfortable developing PL/SQL code as the developers are used to develop Java code.