Download Latest Version

The plugin is free to use and has a runtime limitation until end of June 2021. To update you have to uninstall the installed plugin and reinstall the plugin from the download site.
  • Uninstall previous installation of PL/SQL Enterprise Workbench :
    1. Open 'About Eclipse'-dialog.
    2. Open 'Installation Details'-dialog shows the list of installed plugins.
    3. Choose previous version of plugin and run uninstall.
  • Installation via Eclipse :
    1. Open Software Update Dialog : Help->Install New Software
    2. Use URL :
    3. Select PL/SQL Enterprise Workbench and follow the instructions.
  • Manual Installation :
    1. Download Plugin :
    2. Unpack ZIP-File.
    3. Copy folder into the plugins path of your Eclipse installation.
  • Install PL/SQL Connector Builder Maven-Plugin:
    1. Download Maven-Plugin :
    2. Extract zip file and execute the shell script to install the Maven-Plugin to your local repository.
  • Download PL/SQL Connector Builder Examples/Demos:
    1. Zip-File :

Beta21 (2021-02-21)

  • PL/SQL Connector Builder:
    • ROWTYPE is not any more supported due to since Oracle 19c JDBC Driver ROWTYPE is not any more supported
    • SDO_GEOMETRY is not any more supported. SDO-Geometry drivers had always been external libraries and are not maintained any more.
  • PL/SQL Editor:
    • Code completion, text hover and hyperlinks for SQL commands 'SELECT', 'UPDATE', 'DELETE', 'INSERT' and 'MERGE' as well as for implicit and explicit cursors supported.
  • Examples:
    • Updated to Oracle 21.1 JDBC Driver from Maven Repository.