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The plugin is free to use and has a runtime limitation until end of June 2021. To update you have to uninstall the installed plugin and reinstall the plugin from the download site.

Beta23 (2021-06-07)

Beta22 (2021-05-24)

  • PL/SQL Enterprise Workbench Perspective:
    • Complete refactored task, job and process handling for all views and editors.
  • PL/SQL Connector Builder:
    • Improved error handling of not supported data types.
  • PL/SQL Editor:
    • Improved SQL-Code-Assist.
  • Examples:
    • Docker containerized examples:
      • JavaEE : Wildfly example including full App-Container setup for SpringApi and FactoryApi.
      • RMI : Containerized example for SpringApi and FactoryApi.
      • HTTP-SpringRemoting : Spring-Boot containerized example.